Trying Man

Music energized the mind and the soul




 Jazz & Blues

Performing at Jamaica Jazz & Blues Fest 2013 with the One Knock Band.

Jah Nissi

 I Love You

Jah Nissi, loving from the heart


Latest news

  • Jegz Releases Official Music Video “Irie”

    Reggae artiste Jegz released his newest music video titled “Irie” which is also the name of his recently released EP. Directed by Robin Chin, the rich vivid music video takes the viewer on a journey along Jamaica’s country road, through a regular day in life of Jegz, while lyrics are sung over this uplifting musical backdrop produced by Black 90 Records.

  • Ras Zacharri – Buju Banton Lineage in Roots Reggae

    Ras Zacharri is one of the most vibrant, upcoming new reggae artistes straight out of Jamaica. His main thing is roots reggae with a strong messages on spiritual, political and well-being topics, he also has created his own style and genre; rootstep. His popularity is growing each day.

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