Denise Castillo

“Beautiful Belize”

Denise Castillo, Belizean, singer/song writer has always had a passion for music. She first started singing publicly in high school, at talent shows and the high school Festival of Arts. She also, entered TV competitions such as Ultimate KTV, The Next Level Project and the National Patriotic Song Competition. She has lately recorded a few singles such as, ‘Til Da Mawnin’ , ‘My Sweet Belize’, ‘Playa’ and ‘Nah Let Go’ in which she ventures in to the genres of Reggae, Dancehall and a fusion of other genres. She continues to compose and record beautiful music and hopes to make her music popular both at home and internationally. An Album is in the talks and until one is released she will continue to record and put her songs out for her fans and the public to enjoy.