Paul Hyman Hits Number One
02 Aug 2018

Gospel singer Paul Hyman is number one on Gospel JA 91.7 FM, Gospel Music Chart with his latest single, 'Let It Rain.'

'Let it Rain' produced by Dwon Reid is the first single released by Paul for 2018, pending completion of his Debut EP set for later this year.

"I give thanks to God for all the blessings received so far. I have had many difficult times, where quitting music was my intention but God stood with me and now I am seeing his victory manifest. I am thankful to all the fans who made this song number one and they all can expect more great music, inspired by God from me." said the artiste.

The heavy rotation of 'Let It Rain' on local radio has increase bookings for Paul on both Christians and non-Christians events. Paul is schedule for South Coast Music Fest on August 4th in Portmore St.Catherine and I Choose Benefit Concert on August 17th, at Salem New Testament Church of God in St. Anns Bay.

"My music is to uplift all, being a source of strength, inspiration and guidance. I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for I know that it is the power of God unto salvation" stated Paul.

'Let it Rain' promoted and distributed by Reggae Release is available worldwide in all major digital stores and streaming platforms.

Bucky Ital Join Hands for Back-To-School Treat
30 Jul 2018

Bucky Ital and other past students of Shrewsbury Logwood ECI Basic School, have joined hands and hearts together to put on a back-to-school treat for children of the Logwood community in Westmoreland Jamaica.

The event will be taking place on Monday 6th of August 2018. It starts at 10 a.m. and ends at 2 p.m.

The event is open to the public so everyone is invited and there is no admission. It is geared towards giving the kids a fun-filled day with giveaways of school supplies ie. books, bags, pencils etc.Food and drinks will be free for all attendees.

"This idea to do something for the basic school and community, was envisioned by me and a couple of other past students, some of whom are still living in the area and others living abroad. We got donations from a few people including my mother, wife, cousin and international sound system Trauma Unit Sound" said Bucky.

Music to be provided by DJ Charlie with live performance by Bucky Ital and friends.

Vehnom Releases New Single “ENVY"
27 Jul 2018

Dancehall Artiste Vehnom is on a high due to the release of his new single Envy, which is produced by the USA based Label, Prince A Records.

The song that is already in rotation on some radio stations and being downloaded from digital distributors by Vehnom’s fans, highlight people who will greet you with a smile, but deep down they wish the worst for you.

This is experienced by practically everyone, as such the artiste says, "I wrote this song based on a mixture of life experiences and everyday events I see happening around me.”

Head of Prince A Records, Shemar Davis is equally excited about the release of Envy and shares, “I decided to work with Vehnom on the song Envy because I think Vehnom is a great artiste with great potential.

I heard some of his previous songs and think he has a very creative mind and great work ethic. So I reached out to him and we talked about doing a project together that’s how the song Envy came about.”

Davis continues, “I expect Envy to go far, so we are doing all we can to get it playing on radio all over the globe, playing in parties, trying to get it on some big platforms and also have it on all social and digital outlets.

Vehnom and his team are on the campaign trail to promote this song to get it creating a buzz. He intends to follow up soon with the highly anticipated music video for Envy soon. There’s much more to come as the artiste is being sought after by various producers who are willing to work with him.

Black Marble On A Musical Mission
24 Jul 2018

Fabian Salmon, more popularly known as 'Marble', a musical visionary and CEO of Black Marble Records in Kingston Jamaica, has proven that he has the foresight and ability to make a substantive mark in the music industry.

Since starting the company in 2016, the label has release several notable projects in different musical genre, including Roots Reggae, Lovers Rock, Dancehall, Ska and Rocksteady.

Fabian's knowledge and appreciation of Jamaica's musical heritage has led him to aid in forming a six member band "Jordan Mais & The Rebelistic",  playing predominantly Reggae, Lovers Rock & Rocksteady music.

"My vision is to bring back the love for foundation music, genres of the past to the heart & minds of the youths. Musically preserving our history and roots for future generations" explained Marble.

Motivated by the successes of previously released songs like My All, Pillow Is Soaked, No Fear & True love by Jordan Mais, getting frequent radio rotation and collectively amassing over 400,000 plays on Spotify & Tidal. Marble is even more convinced that the demand for authentic Jamaican music is on the rise.

Black Marble Records is gearing up to release a new project featuring Luthan Fyah and Jordan Mais. "I'm feeling very good about this project. We had this in production for a while but the time to drop it is now, this will change the reggae music sphere" said Marble.

Plans to extend more help to up-and-coming acts are on the horizon, with the pending launch of a new studio in the next few months. The future of Black Marble Records is underscore with optimism and passion having Fabian Salmon firmly at the helm.

More Info visit www.blackmarblerecords.com

SIR Tops Reggae/Dancehall Chart
23 Jul 2018

The smooth Insightful Rebel aka “SIR”, branded “Da LOVE Philosyfa” has earned what any rising artiste has always craved: a number-one song! His latest single, 'Billionz', is number one on Mystique Top 10 Reggae/Dancehall Chart after entering the count down at number six last week.

"Billionz" by SIR (Da Love Philisyfa) is an anthem for all go getter working hard each day with the aim of getting a better financial life. Working smarter is the mission to gain more by letting money do the work, while living the life of a billionaire and being able to afford to do the things one so wish.

"I am very upbeat about the latest turn of events and feel as though I am a step closer to attaining the recognition needed to reach my dreams and start earning the billions" stated SIR.

Producer Flash B from Zimbabwe is responsible for making the beat, while the lyrics, arrangement & production all done by freelance Media Personality Disc Jock Redeem for DJR Unleash Productionz & Flash B Production.

When asked about the future, SIR said" The plan is to stay vigilant, continuing to pursue my dreams regardless of any negativity or lack of support from those close to me.

"Billionz" is a part of SIR 13 track promotional début album "Step (Movin Towardz di Dream)" The album is a rich fusion of: Ragga/ Dancehall, Afro Beat, Rap, Roots Reggae, New Age Rap, Alternative R&B, Alternative Ragga/ Dancehall & EDM. Download free at: https://soundcloud.com/djrunleashproductionz/sets/step-movin-toward-di-dream available for a limited time.

Jay Starr Di Boss In Charge
19 Jul 2018

Dancehall artiste Jay Starr Di Boss is making waves with his latest single, 'Silent River', on the Dj Chigga label. Released a month ago, the song has been gaining traction in the streets in recent days.

According to the artiste, this is the first song that he has done which has gotten so much feedback in such a short period.

"The response to this song has been good so far, regular plays by Irie Fm's Dj Bryan and multiple request from sound systems for dubplates, has shown me that there are enormous potentials with this song." he said.

Born Jevaughn Newman on August 1, 1994, he grew up in a small district in Spaulding, Clarendon, where he attended the Mount Olivet Primary School. His love for music at an early age was clear and he knew that music was also a vehicle to overcome hardships, being from a single parent home. He eventually attended the Christiana High School, where he learnt how to write and deliver creative lyrics, often times deejaying to fellow classmates.

After leaving school, Jay Starr Di Boss recorded his first single in 2007 titled "OH OH OH OOOOOOH" released on Bvrban Beats Label. He later went on to record and release several songs including 'Dollar Bill', 'Hell Katt', 'Gyal Segment', 'Jiggle Jiggle', 'Distance' and many more. His ever-growing musical catalogue is available on all major digital download stores and streaming services.

Jay Starr Di Boss is preparing to make an indelible mark with more live performances schedule. Kicking off on Saturday, August 4 2018, he will be performing live at South Coast Rum Festival in Edge Water, Portmore St Catherine.

Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jay.newman.71404


KB Is Due for Success
18 Jul 2018

Fast-rising dancehall/reggae singjay Kashane Blaze aka KB is making huge strides in the music business as he continues to reach for greatness.

KB, who has been in the music business for a relatively short time, has seen measurable successes so far. To date, he has compiled an impressive catalogue of songs including 'Well Shampoo', 'Paper','Can't Satisfy' and 'They Don't Care For Us', which have garnered sizeable plays on Spotify and other streaming services. Though very grateful for the upward trend his career has taken, he is hungry for greater success.

"I have this deep drive inside for music it won't allow me to stop, always wanna sing and do better each time I sing. Now it's a blessing when I make a status update and see people have my song up on their status" stated KB.

KB is currently promoting his latest single 'Due', produced by Fireice Record/SooSoo Productions. The song released a few weeks ago, has gotten very strong support from several popular radio DJs locally including RJR 94 FM's Kemar Genius.

"My fans love the vibes I bring across on Due, this song is getting a lot of buzz on radio and in the streets now. From the look of things, Due is poised to become a very big tune, I can feel it. everywhere I go people are telling me they love it" he said.

KB set to release a brand new song and video titled "Easy Flow" very shortly, is making every effort to continue feeding the musical appetite of his fans. KB's music is available in digital stores worldwide, streaming platforms and on YouTube: KBDigreatVEVO .

Bucky Ital Delivers With "Work Hard"
16 Jul 2018

International reggae artiste Bucky Ital is at it again with a just completed video for "Work Hard". The song was officially released in late 2016, produced by Michael Fairman for Vision House Records.

The video, shot on location in the bustling Coronation market in downtown Kingston and parts of St. Catherine, is produced by Bucky Ital Music.

Bucky details the daily routines of the average working man; leaving his house at the break of dawn, pushing a hand-cart selling CDs in busy streets while enduring scorching heat in the sun. Featured also are other people doing other forms of work, in a latter scene, Bucky is partying with friends enjoying the fruits of his labour.

"The music video is about people doing what they have to, so they can make ends meet, people such as the street vendors, bus drivers, police officers, nurses, farmers etc." he said.

The Brooklyn-based Westmoreland born reggae artiste has released a number of singles and was recently featured on the remake of the Peter Tosh classic anthem, "Legalise It" with a host of other stars.

Bucky Ital has done songs like "Do A Thing For The Poor", "Hustle Fi Da Food" "Ghetto Hussle" and insist on continuing to put out conscious music that can encourage and uplift.

Fans keep Holding On to Cappa Flex
16 Jul 2018

Singer-songwriter Cappa Flex is once again giving thanks to his fans, this time for the renewed interest in his single entitled 'Holding On', produced by UMG Records.

Music fans have been particularly intrigued by Holding On, which appears to have struck a particular chord, creating a spike in plays on many social platforms and various internet radio stations.

"This song represents my every day struggle and the struggles of millions of people worldwide, but through determination and faith in God, we can all hold on, I know good music will always get a time to shine and I am grateful that the fans are pushing this songs again" stated Cappa Flexx.

'Holding On' was first released in 2016, debuting on Irie Fm 'Night Beat" programme with host Gary G and later getting rotation on several other radio stations locally and online.

Known for a string of positive music including I'm Anointed, Pray Dem A Pray, It's Your Love, and Pressue, Cappa Flex revealed that he has a lot more music on the way.

"Well, now, I'm putting all the focus on this song. I want to make sure it continues to reach more people, but I definitely have more music on the way." he said

Listen more of Cappa Flex music: https://soundcloud.com/45recordsltd/cappa-flex-mix-cd-anointed


Skippa Proper sees social media as the way
14 Jul 2018

Up-and-coming dancehall artiste Skippa Propa is steadily building his musical career using social media as his tool of choice. Skippa Propa who hails from the inner-city community of Maxfield Park, residing in the Lyndhurst Road area of Kingston started out as dancer and quickly developed a fan-base reaching as far as Europe.

"We have people from as far as Gibraltar in Spain coming to my inner-city community to meet me as an artist, learn new dances and experience the Jamaican dancehall vibes" stated Skippa in an interview with Bondi Beach Radio from Australia.

Though there are obstacles in the music industry locally in Jamaica, Skippa's focus is on breaking through internationally and social media as thus far allow him to connect with fans beyond many borders.

"Youths can avoid violence and escape poverty by using any natural talents dem have, not only singing or dancing. Di net can expose dem and gi dem a buss, dat a part of my plan to meet success" stated Skippa.

Skippa is currently promoting a new single titled Don't Go produced by Big Brother Records, available in all digital worldwide.

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