1. Write the Lyrics for Your Song

Many musicians write their own melodies as well as the lyrics. If you already have lyrics, consider them when writing your melody. Some questions to ask yourself before composing the music are: What words do I want to focus on? Are there note lengths or timing that will accommodate certain words better than others will?

Consider the following line: I DROVE my CAR down the HIGHWAY. The emphasized words DROVE, CAR and HIGHWAY give the listener an idea of what is going on, even if these are the only words they hear. On the other hand, if you sing the same line but emphasize different words: I drove MY car DOWN THE highway. The listener might have no idea what you're singing about.

You can emphasize words with a louder note, changing the note itself, a longer note or including a rest before or after the note. Experiment with your song and see what sounds the best.

2. Listen to and Learn from Other Composers

There is something to be learned from every single musician or band out there. Listen to how your favorite musicians construct their songs examine the style, the tone, how different instruments work together and so on and so forth. You can implement many of the same ideas into your own music or even take some of their riffs and tweak them to fit your style. This is a great way to come up with new melodies.

3. Use Music Composition Software

Music composition software can be a musician's best friend. These programs aid in the writing process by organizing your work and allow you to see what you're playing. Quality software packages provide features including a metronome to keep beat, playback, so you can listen to what you've composed, input, so you can hook your instrument or microphone directly to your computer and notate a song you play or sing and tons of editing tools so you can easily compose a riff.

4. Look for Musical Inspiration

Before writing a piece of music, it's critical to feed your mind inspiration. Inspiration comes from all around us: our emotions, relationships, nature, people and experiences some songs are even about surreal situations. A big part of finding inspiration is putting yourself in situations that rouse inspiration and then recognize it when it comes.

We all have different people come into our lives; relationships have always been hot topic for songwriters. To generate other ideas get out of the house, go somewhere, and do something. This could even be something as simple as walking in the park or down the street. You'll be amazed where inspiration can be found.

5. Have Fun

You first started writing music because you love music. If you're not enjoying composing music, then do something else for a while. People tend to do what they love best.

6. There is No Wrong Answer in Music Composition

Writing music is one of those things you can do and never make a mistake. Some melodies are catchier than others are, and everyone will write some bad stanzas. It's all right; that's why we have revisions. Remember this while writing music: it will make you feel better and help you avoid writer's block.  

7. Define Your Music Composition Goal

Are you writing music for yourself or for other people? This alone will totally change the tone and style of your music. If you are writing for yourself, you have more freedom to write what and how you want.

In contrast, if you are writing for other people, it is a good idea to identify your target audience and write music they will enjoy.

8. Seek Advice and Opinions  

People are always willing to give advice and opinions; take their comments into consideration when writing music. Give your music to family members and friends to get their opinion of your songs. Though people close to you may be biased, their comments are still valuable.   

9. Do Something Different

It's easy to get stuck in a rut and all of your songs begin to sound the same. Even if you've found a great combination of notes or a catchy beat, changing it can be good and help you grow as a composer.

An easy way to try something new is pick up an instrument you haven't played before. Sometimes you find yourself playing the same old keys or strumming the same chords on your guitar. A different instrument can lead you to melodies you may not have thought of otherwise.   

10. Practice, Practice and More Practice

There is no substitute for hard work and practice it is the only formula that will guarantee you will become a better songwriter.

Maybe your next song will appear at the top of the charts

Dazzle B loves the ladies Proper
28 Jun 2018

EMERGING act Dazzle B is currently promoting his latest single titled “Proper”. The song is celebrating the beauty and healthiness of females worldwide, who appreciates that fact and wants to flaunt it.

Released in April, the single was produced by his Dazs Records and distributed by Reggae Release. The song has been
getting steady rotation on stations mainly in the United States and United Kingdom and recently gaining traction in dance hall circles in Jamaica.

“I am working extra hard with the promotions for this song and I’m getting a lot of positive response and support,” said Dazzle B.

Dazzle B is slated to perform on several upcoming shows for the summer and his latest single “Proper” is sure to be a winner among the ladies.

Jordan Mais is set to make a music video for his song “Never Seen”
27 Jun 2018

Reggae/Rocksteady artist, Jordan Mais is set to make a music video for his song “Never Seen” in September.

The song is on the Black Marble Records imprint and is produced by Fabian Salmon.

“It’s a song for lovers, embracing a moment shared, passed and longing for more,” Jordan said.

He added: “My fans can expect a lot more new material for 2018 because I have being busy at work in the studio and on various shows promoting my work and the continued preservation of Rocksteady music.”

The artiste said he has made links overseas and a growing fanbase but will remain humble, anticipating the international ‘buss’ will come in due time.

Jordan Mais is the lead singer for Jordan Mais & the Rebelistic band, which is a reggae/lovers rock/rock steady comprising of eight members.

Jordan and his band is set to give an electrifying performance at the upcoming staging of South Coast Rum Festival, on Saturday 4th, August 2018. South Coast Rum Festival is dub as the “ultimate rum, food & music festival and will be held in Portmore, St Catherine, Jamaica.

Paul Hyman – The Servant of God
31 May 2018

Born in St. Thomas on July 09, Paul Hyman began singing at school in 1989, emerging professionally in 1995. He was one of three singers in the now defunct Black by Design Band which was managed by Steven Ventura. His participation in the band was short lived as Paul was converted to Christianity in May of 2002, and so, became a Gospel singer.

He is inspired by the word of God (the Bible) and believes in His divine love, grace and mercy which is extended towards him every moment of every day. Paul’s first entrance into the music industry was in the late nineties, and he has been preparing for his breakthrough since. He has done a collaboration with Gospel artist Jermaine Gordon titled “By Your Love” which is featured on Jermaine’s debut album.

Paul has also been performing on various shows locally and is steadily building his fan base. The first track recorded was entitled “Christmas” by Black by Design and was recorded by Steven Ventura of Celestial Sounds. After his conversion, Paul, recorded two new singles entitled; “Wonderfully Made” and “Over You” for producer Alex Martin Blanken.

He has since re-recorded both of them which is set to be released soon. Other tracks include: Yahweh, Only Jesus, When Forever Comes, You are Awesome, Lord Almighty Reigns, New Jerusalem, Can’t Live Without You, and many more. His new single entitled “Let it Rain’ produced by Dwon Reid, has recently been released and is available in all major digital stores. He is currently working on a few more singles which will be released in quick succession.

Based on the overwhelming volume of songs that he currently has, you can be sure to look out for a new album in the very near future. His aspiration is that his music will be a source of strength, inspiration, guidance and upliftment to all, both Christians and non-Christians. Paul states “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for I know that it is the power of God unto salvation

Jahunique aims to inspire with new single
19 May 2018

Budding reggae/dancehall artiste Jahunique is upbeat about his latest single, 'Know It From The Start'.

He said the track, released earlier this year, aims at encouraging peace and love within the nation.

"We need to broadcast only positive messages right now. A lot of misleading information is going around, and this song is clearing up or tackling some of them. Love is what we need right now, and I hope that this message will spread to the four corners of the earth," he said.

Jahunique, whose given name is Dwayne Archer, said his social consciousness evolved from the environment that ghetto life provides.

"I grew up in one of St Catherine's toughest inner cities, but I had the love and guidance of a powerful grandmother. From her, I developed a humble spirit, and I became devoted to helping others rise," he said.

The singjay said he developed a passion for music at an early age. He previously performed under the name Sata and would later enter the Tastee Talent Trail television show.

"My journey into the competition ended at the semi-finals when I did a controversial song which encouraged the nation to uplift women. One of the three judges heavily slammed the topic, saying Rastafarians should not be singing dancehall, even though the song's content was highly conscious," he said.

He would go on to perform at various local events, including A St Mary Me Come From and the Ocho Rios Seafood Festival.

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